Book Review: Why Not Me?

Mandy Kaling 

Memoir, Love, Fun, Celebrity


This was the first book written by a celebrity that I’ve read in a long time and was actually pleasantly surprised. After watching a few episodes of The Office, I decided to check out the books she had written.

Overall this is a collection of essays written by Mindy (that were often read by her ex BJ Novak) writing about her personal relations, career, mother and friends. She writes about how she is often classified as the dark skinned, Indian, plus-sized funny girl and while this helped her get recognised initially she wants more now. Because her skin colour doesn’t effect how she acts or how she writes? Why can’t she be recognised as an amazing writer? 

Reading the book, we get a very personal look into Mindy’s life and especially her view on her relationships. The books gives us an insight into how she as a brown girl, explores adult relationships, friendships and her career. It was really inspiring to see how a brown girl ventures through a very white dominated industry and faces her obstacles with humour. It was bittersweet to hear her write about her ex boyfriend B.J Novak and describe him as the love of her life despite being together. It showed her maturity in not destroying a very strong friendship and shows that sometimes breakups can end in something good too.

Anyway this is a short review but definitely recommend this book to you especially if you are a brown girl looking for love and support. This will show that even if you are not what is classified as classically beautiful with blemish free skin or are unfair, if you have a goal you can achieve it no matter what happens. If you want to venture into media or into anything then you have full freedom and that you deserve love but first you need to love yourself. Like Mindy, see the humour in everyday life so in the midst of your tears you don’t lose what you already have. Plus who would want to have Mindy as their friend? 😍

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What did you think of this book? Let me know in the comments below…


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