Should I wear this?

We all have certain clothes or shoes that we have in our wardrobe that we only take out for special occasions. These may be that dress that looked amazing in store or a very fashionable saree or a pair of very in trend pumps. I always say that or I’ll wear that dress at the next wedding or I’ll wear those shoes at the next party. 

…….. and guess what?

Since we all know about the unpredictable nature of live, I’d probably never wear any of those clothes or shoes and they just sit there for years. The clothes and shoes continue to pile up but all those special occasions just never turn up. This leaves me in a very weird position. This is because on one hand I feel like I haven’t done well enough to achieve anything special (passed that test, got an award, got the promotion or whatever it may be) to wear that special outfit and on the other hand I just really want to wear that saree/dress because I just feel good.(in a very modest way). 

So basically, if those predetermined milestones were not achieved I wouldn’t wear those special clothes and would just wear something else. But then how long do I have to wait to wear my favourite clothes? Will I reach that special goal or special event when that dress doesn’t fit or when the saree doesn’t match the theme of the wedding? 

I guess this is when I thought, what’s the point waiting? Why shouldn’t I dress how I want to? I realised that by not wearing what I classified as special, I was defining myself by my failures and what I didn’t have. Also why should I wear that special saree for a friends party when I could wear it for my enjoyment. What I have learnt over time is that there is no perfect time or occasion to do what I want or wear what I want, you just have to do it. Because sometimes when you wait you might lose the opportunity. For example, if you want to move cities but only after you get married, sometimes after you get married circumstances may prevent you from moving and also there is no predefined date when you will get married so you might end up pushing that dream out of your head. A more better option would be to consider the move when you feel like you should because if you wait for the perfect time, it’ll probably never turn up since something will always come in the way.

So I guess you are probably wondering where this is going right?

Well, what I’m saying is to just wear your favourite saree or dress or shoes or take that trip overseas right now, because you are not defined by your failures or what you don’t have. Wear what you think looks good on you. Don’t worry about whether your friends will think you look ugly or dark in that outfit, because wearing what you like will make you happy and that will just shine through your eyes. 

These are some beautiful flowers from a garden I went to recently. Walking around the garden, gave me a sense of calm and let me appreciate the beauty around me. It was also inspiring to see how the flowers grew so beautifully through a lot of hard work, tough weather and dirt.

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