What makes you happy?

What do you do that makes you happy? 

I’m not talking about the big things like an overseas trip or winning a trip, but the small things. Have a think about what makes you just sit back in that chair and enjoy the moment and appreciate what you have. Maybe it’s having 10 minutes to yourself to enjoy a cup of coffee as a you watch your dog play or having a warm piece of lasagna after a stressful day at work, it can be anything. While these small parts of your life are probably insignificant to your life or to anyone else, for that moment they make you happy. In life, there are numerous obstacles many come unexpected leaving you with no option but to keep going even if you are going to crash or just suck at doing it.

In between these periods of your life, you feel tested. You begin to doubt whether you are going in the right track or whether you have taken on more than you are capable of. And sometimes yes, you have started something that is way more that you are capable of but the important thing is that you are still doing it. In a class of say 100 students, it would be a miracle if all 100 would be able to learn the contents of the course quickly. So I guess I’ve learnt that yes, there are obstacles and yes I obviously don’t know all there is to know but it really is not the end of the world. I came to the realisation that if I let failure define me, I would be missing out on so many opportunities in life, the big and the small. So, I decided to begin watercolouring again because it makes me happy. And even if I paint for an hour a week, for that hour I am in another world and am reprieved of the stress of my life. So for the person reading this, do what you love alongside your life. Even if you have a stressful 9-5 job (which you love, but it stressful) take up a hobby or enhance any skills you already have. (Studies have shown that having a hobby can improve brain activity and help improve concentration).

So to I guess brighten up this post, here are some watercolour paintings I did during my break. You can check out more at my Instagram @thefeelingofdiscovery


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