Don’t give up…

When someone says this to you, the first thing you would probably think is: You don't know what I'm going through.

This is completely normal, as when you are faced with a problem, no matter how small it may be compared to someone else, to you it is the biggest problem of the day, month or year. You are entitled to sulk, feel sorry for yourself but in the end you really shouldn't give up. (Note, by giving up, I mean just sitting down forever feeling sorry for yourself without considering maybe changing the direction of your goal). You shouldn't give up hope that things will get better and that you deserve better. Sometimes when you don't get something or someone you want to love today, it just means that somewhere down the line something so much better is destined for you.

Just because you didn't pass the test does not mean you shouldn't even attempt towards a career or just because that guy you have a massive crush on doesn't ask you out it does not mean you will never be loved or just because you can't afford to buy a pet does not mean you can never be a pet owner. Maybe if you can't afford a dog for now, look at something cheaper or maybe adopt a rescued pet. If you fail your test, try again because if you are sure about what career you want then keep trying. If that guy never asks you out, don't sweat it because maybe he doesn't even know you like him or maybe he doesn't like you, but that's OK since the most important thing is that just because someone else does not like you that is in no way any indication that you should stop liking your self. Because no matter the situation, you are always worth it.

So, here are some uplifting and hopeful quotes that will hopefully brighten your day. 


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