Success, Happiness and Life

So how to these three things fit in together?

By success, do you mean, finishing university? getting married? finally buying the dog your wanted?

By happiness, do you mean, passing your degree with distinction? just simply finishing your degree? being able to have a second serve of some mac and cheese?

From this, it is pretty clear that everyone's definition of success and happiness can vary greatly simply because each person has their own aspirations and priorities in life. The same way, failure is something that varies between different people. While one person can view getting a mark of 60-80% as failing for another person the mark they receive is irrelevant as this exam was not a priority for them. So in this case, we should realise that comparisons of failures and successes in our life with other people is so stupid as we are all in our own individual journey in life. It does not matter whether we succeed when we are 18 like everyone else, because maybe our success is waiting for us when we near 40.

Another interesting concept, I have heard about is that while everyone in life has both successes and failures, each person experiences both in very different degrees. While for one person their biggest success is to have a successful job with a loving family, another person's biggest success would be to have enough money to feed his family for that day. For one person, their biggest failure would be that they failed their university exams but for another person their biggest failure would be to be living in a cycle of poverty without having the opportunity to come up in life. For some people life is full of both ups and downs, for some people life has contentment but for some life is full of sadness. Of course, this is through the individual's perspective. So it shows, that how we view the obstacles and prizes we come across in life impacts how we view or generalise our overall life.  I have realised that we shouldn't let our failures define us and that is so important to celebrate our successes in life, no matter how small they are. Personally, when things don't go my way, I get frustrated at myself and get annoyed at those around me. Although, when reminiscing I realise that this just ruins my life as in the time I am angry I just miss out on so many opportunities.

So finally, I have realised that when classifying various aspects of your life as failures or successes, do this on your terms. Don't consider what your aunties consider as failures or successes because in this end, it's your life and you don't need unnecessary thoughts in your head. Most definitely, you deserve more than to be disappointed in yourself. If you are doing the degree you want then be happy, if you have finally learnt to cook then be happy, if you have got into a good relationship then be happy, if you have got out of a bad relationship then be happy, if you have got over your fear of dogs (still have this fear :() then be happy and be happy for going through the day.

Be happy for today and remember that no matter how hard the storm is today, everything will be alright, no matter how impossible it seems now. 





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